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Sabre Yachts are a well established name in the yacht industry with a history that runs over 30 years deep. Currently, Sabreline builds five yacht models that range from 34 to 47 feet in length under the Sabreline name. Sabreline yachts are sold worldwide, through a network of dealers who are chosen for their reputation, experience, professionalism, location, sales service, after sales service and visibility within a local market.

The Sabreline work force is made up of men and women who take extreme pride in their work. Most individuals that make up the Sabreline team are capable of working in all of the different phases of building boats. They have a complete understanding of the influence that their job has on the quality of each Sabreline yacht. Over a third of Sabreline’s associates have been with the company for over a decade, and many have even celebrated two decades with the company.

Sabreline stresses the importance of excellence at all stages of the boatbuilding process. They continue to meet high standards of excellence in manufacturing and design through low employment turnover, an emphasis on safety, cross training and a thorough awareness of each model’s competitive position in the marketplace.

The production of every Sabreline yacht is monitored by an extensive and very particular Quality Assurance program. All outside parts and subassemblies are inspected as they enter production, and each yacht is given a 600-point inspection throughout six separate stages of the building process. Each yacht receives a 12 page report prepared by the Head Inspector, along with a full technical inspection of all mechanical and electrical systems. And finally, no yacht leaves the facility without a Gold Inspection which is performed by a member of Sabre’s Management Group. Once the yacht arrives at it’s dealership destination, a Commissioning Check is completed and a detailed report sent back to Sabre. All of this inspecting and reporting ensures that the yacht you are about to purchase has been through exhaustive monitoring from beginning to delivery and every detail has achieved and maintained perfection.

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