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Legacy Yachts have the traditional look and lines of the boats that have cruised the shores of New England for generations. But underneath the waterline and beyond the finish is a new boat that has been built in a whole new way.

Each Legacy is hand built to it’s owner’s exact specifications. They are built to reflect the owner’s dreams and satisfy their desire for cruising. Legacy Yachts are built to offer an extra measure of comfort and additionally each one meets or exceeds American Bureau of Shipping, NMMA and ABYC standards.

Legacy Yachts are built on the solid foundation of a modified deep-vee, full planing hull. They are designed with wide chine flats which allow them to plane at just 12 knots. Because the aft section is relatively flat, visibility from the helm is maintained throughout acceleration. On plane the yachts exhibit great stability and tracking at operating speeds as low as 13 knots and as high as 33 knots. With top-notch performance at such a wide range of speeds, Legacy affords you the option of a single efficient diesel engine rather than twins.

Legacy Yachts are built with a process called infusion molding. Infusion molding involves thoroughly wetting out the laminate with vinylester resin. The result is a strong, uniform, tight bond without the excess weight that makes other hulls slower and less efficient. Vinylester resin is resistant to blistering and although it costs just a little more than other resins, it is used exclusively on every Legacy Yacht to produce the very best outcome of the infusion process.

Legacy Yachts are exceptionally strong have lines backed by purpose and are designed to work at sea – they are the epitome of the art of American yacht building.

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