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Cobalt Boats: The people at Cobalt are boat fanatics. They are fanatical about every detail of boat building, innovation, fit and finish and most of all they are fanatical about quality and customer care. They are not aiming to be the biggest boat company, they are only aiming to be the best.

With over four decades of boat building behind them, Cobalt has perfected the balance of innovation, quality and style. they have perfected customer service to an extent that it is no longer viewed as customer service, but rather a friendship built around a passion for boats. Cobalt wants their customers to be customers for life and they treat them accordingly. Their theory when a customer needs them is “drop and run!”. Cobalt listens to owners’ needs with respect and patience and puts them first because they know that a happy owner will help them sell more Cobalts.

To this day Cobalt Boats remains a privately held company with its founders still at the helm and still engaged in the daily management of design and manufacture. They refuse to admit that good enough is good enough. Cobalt not only builds boats on the premise that no one job is more important than another – it’s also the way the entire company is run. There are no assigned parking places at Cobalt. If their president arrives at work a few minutes late, he may expect to walk to his office from the far north parking lot.

As Cobalt has grown to a company of nearly 600 associates, they continue to perpetuate the genuine sense of family that has characterized their interactions with each other from the beginning. And so again tomorrow they will do their part to nourish the implicit trust that underpins their relationships with Cobalt dealers, with Cobalt associates and, of course, with the remarkable people who own Cobalt boats.

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