Nautility is a passionate and collaborative community with the tools and insights you need to have the best possible boating experience.

Who We Are

Some of us are boaters. Some of us simply love being around the water. All of us are human. And we’re passionate about the enjoyment (and conservation) of our waterways. Together, we work to bring you the best app and website for boating – period.

There’s a lot of thought and effort and fun that goes into that.

Some of us work from our offices in West Palm Beach. Some of us work from boats – cruising, sailing, wakeboarding and more. The office people and the boat people make sure to talk a lot. That’s how we keep it real.

Our Values
Better Communication is Better. Really.
Easily engage with your marina, yacht club, owners club, or any other group – at your convenience. No mass emails or spam ever. See and share information, events, ideas, photos and more – hassle free. Whether it’s an upcoming dock party, an important announcement or a suggestion for the marina, Nautility improves communication and interaction among boaters.
Boating is Better with Boaters. for sure.
We believe that it’s more fun to share boating experiences with people who care about boating. You may think that’s obvious, being a boater yourself. But on Nautility, your “bLOGBOOK” photos, videos, ideas and updates don’t go head-to-head with cats doing backflips, toddlers feeding chocolate cake to their baby sisters or, worst of all, political nonsense.
Local Knowledge Rules. undoubtedly.

The people who join Nautility are just like you — real boaters looking for a way to find the best destinations, marinas, marine pros, places to eat, drink, provision and more. Borrow some experience. Share some local knowledge. Boat better. Get the intel at home and around the world from our travel guide technologies and verified, trusted reviews.

Local deals rock. not the boat.

Discover great deals on everything from marinas, marine services, fuel, gear and more – near your or wherever you want to go. It’s simple: do what you love for less – paper-free and hassle-free.

Our Mission
It couldn’t be more simple. At Nautility, we’re connecting boaters to make boating experiences better today and for the future.
Work with Us

Our office is in West Palm Beach, FL. The office has windows, multiple coffee machines, and a team of amazing people working inside it. It’s also cubicle-free.

Not for you? If you’re one of the lucky chosen ones who gets to boat for us, your office might be on a trawler gunkholing the Chesapeake, a sailboat somewhere in the Caribbean, a sport fisher catching sails off of Cabo or on a wakeboat with your buddy in tow, pulling off Toeside Backrolls. Just sayin’.

We’re always looking for talent to join our small team. Click here to see our current opportunities.

Whether you like to cruise, fish, sail, wakeboard, explore the seas or just hang out on or around the water - love boating more with Nautility.


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